2017.07.01 インフォメーション

劇場版 Free!-Timeless Medley-約束

監督よりコメントが到着しました! Here’s Director’s comment for you.










監督 河浪栄作(アニメーションドゥウ)

Director’s Comment

Thank you very much for your watching.
I am Kawanami Eisaku , the director of “Free! The Movie - Timeless Medley - the Promise”.

We could have completed this movie with concentrating all staff members’ energy and contributions.
In recent years, I really think that I can never make any animation by myself.
While we were making these movies - “Free! TM the Bond” and “the Promise”, I often asked the members to do some difficult tasks as the director.
But at the same time, in return for their contributions, I always tried to make the movies good enough for us to be able to be proud of and confidently say, “It’s all of us who made these movies!”

Although “the Bond” and “the Promise” were originally two separated TV series, we could combine and complete them as one work.

After you watched the movies, if you could recognize something precious for you and feel our staff members’ thoughts, we cannot be happier.

Our industry has been in recession recently. But I could make them owing to the environment and members of Kyoto Animation and Animation Do.
I’d like to express my thankfulness to all the members, and I hope to keep on working hard together in order to develop ourselves more.

Especially, this year is “Kyoani Film Year” we call, since Kyoto Animation and Animation Do will make several animated movies as our “new challenge”.
“Free! Timeless Medley” could make a start of it and we will continue to challenge every succeeding movie as one team.
And in the future, we hope that all of us can see “the scenery we have never seen”.

Today, it’s a great honor that we could release “the Promise”.
We deeply appreciate your continued support.

Kawanami Eisaku Director (Animation Do Ltd.)